“ Cauley International (THAILAND) offers a wide range of services
for all of its products to suit customer requirements “

Installation Services

Cauley products are sourced from esteemed local and international suppliers, for which they require specific standard procedures. We have well trained and well-equipped professionals to ensure proper, supplier specified installation procedures are performed and accomplished

After-Sales Services

Cauley understands the importance of the customer’s investment. Cauley’s Service team works hand in hand with its Sales team to provide suitable after-sales support for the customer’s machines. We can offer factory specific maintenance with flexible terms to meet customer’s needs without compromising machine performance and life expectancy. 

Parts Service

Cauley’s customers can be assured that spare parts of machines are sourced from supplier specified vendors and of the highest quality standard to ensure machine performance and meet customer expectations.

Consulting Service

Cauley not only supplies off the shelf solutions but we can work together with the customer to customize solutions to meet their complex requirements. We have professionals that can advise, design, and execute customized solutions.

Training Service

“Good Operators = Good Machines” This being said, a good machine/system can only work if it has a good operator. Cauley provides training to customer’s operators, supervisors, and managers to achieve the maximum potential of the systems as well as provide updates to keep the systems in top condition. 

Service Center

Cauley has strategically placed service hubs that can facilitate customer service requirements anywhere in the country and regional. It is also worth mentioning that in some special cases we can perform specific services for suppliers and customers within the Asian region.